Manual Therapy and Healing

Many conditions caused by tension or trauma can be treated successfully using gentle, non-invasive therapies. Manual therapy uses the sensitivity of the hands to detect and resolve areas of tension (“restrictions”), misalignment and “blockages” in the  body. Problems may be in the bones, nervous system, muscles, organs, tissues or even within  groups of cells. Restrictions may be a result of inflammation, injury, surgery, infection or even harbored emotions.

In addition to Manual Therapy I also provide exercises and stretches to improve breathing and alignment patterns. Ergonomic evaluations are also critical for those who sit at a desk or perform a repetitive task throughout the day. Often years of pain can be relieved through evaluation and  proper adjustment of a work station.


Craniosacral Therapy uses a light touch to free the membranes of the head and spinal cord. The body’s craniosacral system includes the bones, fluid and membranes of the skull (cranium) down the spine to the sacrum, or tailbone. This therapy encourages proper circulation of cerebral spinal fluid which is necessary for a healthy nervous system. For more information, visit Upledger.
The health and motion of organs can also be restricted after prolonged compression, inflammation, or surgery. Gentle mobilization of the organs, Visceral Manipulation, increases the space in and around each organ. This promotes optimal organ function (digestion, breathing, elimination). For more information, visit Barral Institute.
Somato Emotional Release utilizes bodywork, imagery and dialogue to investigate the origins of pain and often the emotion ‘wrapped up’ in it. This process is very powerful and often brings a swift resolution to lingering or undiagnosed pain. For more information, visit Upledger.
Therapeutic Exercises are prescribed to improve natural movement and mobility, breath, and overall energy. Combinations of stretches and strengthening, resting yoga positions, and methods to self-heal are provided to optimize the healing process.
Lymph Drainage Therapy activates the lymphatic system circulation and stimulates the immune and nervous system for improved functioning. The lymph system moves toxins and unwanted proteins out of the body. Sometimes this important system cannot do it’s job due to damaged lymph vessels or nodes after surgery or illness. When the lymphatic system can not move fluid properly it backs up, causing swelling and pain from poor evacuation of toxins and unwanted particles. Bruno Chikly, MD, DO developed this hands-on method of lymphatic drainage. For more information, visit Chickley Institute.