Infant Treatments (Age 0-2)

It is never too early or too late for an newborn to receive gentle, integrative therapies. In just a few sessions, released tensions will improve the baby's comfort and daily function. Newborns may benefit by receiving a session for wellness or to correct imbalances that may have occurred during birth.

Although problems can  form at any stage of development many occur during the birthing process. Infant conditions  may originate from prolonged compression of bones, uneven pressures in the brain or spine, or disturbance in the organs.

I primarily use CranioSacral Therapy  to gently treat the baby's head, face and mouth,  spine, and body down to the sacrum, or tailbone. This therapy encourages proper motion and circulation of fluids necessary for a healthy, smooth system.

Light mobilization of the organs, Visceral Manipulation, increases the space in and around each organ. This promotes optimal organ function for digestion, breathing and elimination. Therefore it eliminates problems such as colic, reflux,  suck-swallow-breathe incoordination or difficulty with bowel movements. Therapy is very gentle and precise to  safely correct infant problems and discomforts and create a calm, happy baby!

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The following infant conditions can benefit from treatment:

  • Feeding issues: Difficulty nursing, sucking, swallowing, tongue control, coordination with breathing and pre/post-Frenectomy

  • Digestion: Colic and other vagus nerve dysfunctions, vomiting, agitation, constipation, elimination: creates mobility and enhances normal circulation and function. Try before utilizing medications.

  • Delivery issues: Compression, shock, trauma that occurred during pregnancy or delivery: i.e. vacuum extraction, forceps, breech birth, c-section, cord trauma, long labor:  critical after birth trauma to realign bones and release trauma in the tissues.

  • Plagiocephaly: Skull asymmetry, overriding of bones at sutures, synostosis:  enhances  movement between the bones, and will optimally influence fluid, membranes, and often eliminates the  need for orthosis (helmet).

  • Recurring ear infections, blocked tear duct: clears specific pathways for fluids.

  • Erbs Palsy, torticolis, assymetrical motor problems, cranial nerve involvement: relieves body of deep asymmetries and restrictions in the membranes and  tissues and  will optimize progress/decrease need for long course of rehabilitation.

  • Trauma to the brain or body (any accidents, all surgery): Helps the head regain normal pressures and fluids, creates mobility in tissues and organs, relieves the body of trauma memory.