Client post-surgery

Just a brief note to let you know that I saw the surgeon this morning, after the MRI on Thursday.  ALL the “stuff” left in my head subsequent to the surgery is now GONE!, thanks in no small part to your skill.  I thank you with all my heart and soul, and look forward to continuing with our sessions soon, albeit not with the same sense of urgency or on the same time schedule.

Client with back, neck and facial pain

There are so many improvements I feel in my body already from our session today. My back feels less tense. My neck--I can move it a lot more and in different directions, which I have not been able to do in quite sometime. My head--things just feel a bit more in place! I think my face is almost perfectly together… it definitely feels wonderful. Even my right eye feels as though a great amount of pressure was lifted off of it. So, a big thanks for all your hard work. 

Client suffering from a lifetime of emotional trauma

The work you did was so deep it needed a gestation period before showing its true results. My dreams have been utterly amazing over the past week, revealing changes in how I relate to so many parts of myself - my family, my injuries, my doctors.  I noticed, cared for and acknowledged the part of me that has never been loved - not by my mother and father, but far more importantly, not by me. And despite being abused, overworked, neglected, and left in agonizing pain for 40 years, my soul is still filled with gratitude. I loved myself, and my self loved me back. I didn't know that was missing or that it was still possible after so many years practicing the opposite. I like being me.

Client suffering from headaches and social anxiety

…Seriously, my posture and everything changed.  Eye contact with people now not really a problem at all.  My walking too, everything, wow!  There's no headache so far.  My whole rib cage on my right side has opened up (which was an issue for years).  The feeling of asymmetry in my body has greatly diminished.  I don't feel so on guard.  Even feel more energized.  Good stuff. 

Client with anxiety

Thank you for the session. It was both subtle and profound. It calmed my soul.........

Home visit to an elderly client

Thank you so much for coming to treat my father today. It was so good of you to come right over (in a storm).
Your treatment was very helpful! He got up about ten minutes after you left and said he felt better. He ate a sandwich and said it was great, a change after having eaten very little since last Thursday. He sat talking with us and we took a walk downstairs in the lobby. This was a big change as since last Thursday he had been extremely fatigued and weak from the infection. My mother said to tell you that you brought calm into the house and she felt  calm after you left. They both send their thanks to you. Your generosity and loving care have meant so much over the years. Thank you.

Libby, Owner of arthritic dog

I volunteered my dog, Ajax as a patient for the EcoSomatics Small Animals (ESSA) Class. He was recently diagnosed with left knee arthritis along with severe back and rear end muscle tension. His gait was compromised, and he was in pain and showing little range of motion in his movement.

I was very impressed with Ajax's response to his first CST treatment which involved technique and concentration at the tail. When we returned home after this session, I unclipped his leash and he started to run like he was free. At the end of his second treatment which was "skull day" I was so excited to discover how Ajax would let me brush down his back without resistance. A few days later, he was a different dog.

I am so grateful to have these sessions bring positive results for my dog. I plan to continue CST for my dog as well as myself.